Wednesday, 29 June 2011


today kelab gelanggang organized a volleyball first we thought that nobody will interested to join the competition..and then we found out there're 6 groups joining the competition that was held at 3.30p.m..a day before this competition,we divided the jobs to lower 6's student and we will just guide LAST.....i dont know what happened and upper 6's student handle the competition..errrr..a bit frust because our game started late..started late just because me and acap reached there late...OMG..!i dont know what to say..okay..forget bout the competition..hehe..actually wat i want to say about this topic is...i really like to see people playing volleyball..especially when they smart..hehe..i surely would like my boyfriend good in playing volleyball..hehe.. ;) but,i only like to see people play..i dont know how to play..haha..since when im interested in seeing people play volleyball.?err..yes!its when i was in form 5..during super(zon barat)..ehehe..really syok la seeing them play volleyball..really miss that moment..i hope to see volleyball game when i went to super(kebangsaan) but its so disappointed..they played it sad..huhu..all i can see was badminton..hehe..shah fitri was so cool when he play badminton..heeee...ops..out of topic..just the conclusion is..i love watching people play volleyball..weee~

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  1. wahh ! sama lah dgn saya kak wong , suka okay tgk orng main , tapi saya sendiri tak reti :P hikhik . yess syah fitri cool gilaa <3 hah ~ ttbe je