Wednesday, 29 June 2011


today kelab gelanggang organized a volleyball first we thought that nobody will interested to join the competition..and then we found out there're 6 groups joining the competition that was held at 3.30p.m..a day before this competition,we divided the jobs to lower 6's student and we will just guide LAST.....i dont know what happened and upper 6's student handle the competition..errrr..a bit frust because our game started late..started late just because me and acap reached there late...OMG..!i dont know what to say..okay..forget bout the competition..hehe..actually wat i want to say about this topic is...i really like to see people playing volleyball..especially when they smart..hehe..i surely would like my boyfriend good in playing volleyball..hehe.. ;) but,i only like to see people play..i dont know how to play..haha..since when im interested in seeing people play volleyball.?err..yes!its when i was in form 5..during super(zon barat)..ehehe..really syok la seeing them play volleyball..really miss that moment..i hope to see volleyball game when i went to super(kebangsaan) but its so disappointed..they played it sad..huhu..all i can see was badminton..hehe..shah fitri was so cool when he play badminton..heeee...ops..out of topic..just the conclusion is..i love watching people play volleyball..weee~

Thursday, 23 June 2011


Sleeping is a natural process that occurs at specific intervals and it is the best way to rest our body. But it is important to consider facts like where to sleep, how long to sleep and when to sleep...

Some people have the habit of sleeping after taking food or while driving or even while reading. The reason for all these may depend on the kind of food we have, the environment and our health.

* The reason for this may be
* The posture we adopt while Reading.
* Reading at an improper time
* The kind of book we read

Scientific Reason
Most of the people have a relaxed pose while reading which prevents physical activation. This results in the stagnation of lactic acid in the cells which is an incomplete combustion product.

The lactic acid is a high oxygen absorbing chemical, which quickly reacts with oxygenated blood to reduce the flow of blood to the brain.

Due to the lack of oxygenated blood, the brain gets tired and therefore we feel sleepy while reading.

Tips to avoid sleeping while reading:

* Try to sit straight and in the right posture while reading.
* Avoid reading in the lying position as that would trigger the brain to perform two tasks - sleep as well as stay awake and read.
* Avoid reading continuously at a single stretch since reading text for a long time has a hypnotic effect (semi-consciousness ) on the mind.
* Change your position frequently while reading that will increase your concentration.
* Take some physical activity at short intervals while reading.
* Read aloud for some time.
* Reading at the proper time is very important.
* Read some interesting topics when feeling sleepy.
* Jump, drink some coffee, if possible take a cold shower as these will energize your brain.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

think out of the box

hehe..still remember that day..but i dont remember the date..haha..okay..all i remember that day was wednesday..and i had to give a talk because i am a prs (2 minutes with prs)..hee..and i choose this topic..'think out of the box'..actually its aqma's suggestion..and i think her suggestion was quite good and i started to find info about this topic..and suddenly i found an article..quite,i decided to talk bout it..before that,let me define what's meant by think out of the box..think out of the box is like think differently, unconventionally or from a new perspective..think out of the box also known as creative about the article i've read..its a story actually..which it is used as an interview,take note..maybe this question will be asked again..who knows..hee..

okay..the story started day,its raining heavily..a guy is in his car..only 2 seats car..suddenly when he passed by a bus stop, he saw 3 people, which are :-

1)one uncle which helped him before

2)one auntie which is sick and need to be sent to hospital..

3)his dream girl....

he should offer his car to who.?all of them are waiting for bus and its raining heavily..


there is one person who attend the interview answer creatively..that person said, the guy shold give his car's key to that uncle so that the uncle can bring that auntie to hospital and that guy would wait at the bus stop so that he can spend his time with his dream girl.. =) sweet.. ;) and the answer was so creative too..this is meant by think out of the box..learn from that person who answer it creatively,k..hehe..i love this article so much..i wish my brain can be so creative too..hee..^^

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

friends vs love

friends or love is more important.?the love i mean here is bf/gf love..not family member's love..if like this,maybe a lot will say..

of coz friends are more important..why.?because friends will always by our side when we are sad or happy and whatever la..friends wont leave us and friends are forever..your lover may dump u because they found someone new but you friends wont..friends are loyal.. ;)

most people will say that..i didnt say everyone..but,most of them will think like what i'd wrote above there..the problem that true our friends (i mean the friends who are close to us) wont dump us.?if they go any new place and found new friends,they wont forget us.?the answer is..
YES.! they will forget us..maybe on the beginning they will still contact us but, not long after that, they will disappear..they found new friends and they wont remember us dy..if we text them or call them,it is impossible for them to reply ur text and answer ur call..see.! friends are not loyal at all..maybe some of them will but MOST of them surely will forget u when they found new friends..this is same just like our bf/gf..right.?when they found someone prettier,more handsome or cuter than you..surely they will dump you..seriously,,this is real..but,what can we do..this is life and we should learn how to face this kind of,cheer up when ur friends or bf/gf treated tou this way..

i've a lot of experience on this kind of friends..oh,yes.! you all not my friends anymore rite..or actually you all didnt even assume me as your friend..thanks you for everything and stop pretending to be my friends anymore.!tq~

Monday, 6 June 2011

nak buat baik tapi tak diterima..@@

haha..klakr entry ni tp sbnrnye ape yg trjadi bwt aku bengang kott..okay..camni la citenye...satu hri tu,aku naik bus..penuh la jgak..but still dapat tmpt duduk..then,duduk jelah..smpai kat 1 tmpt,ade la sorang mak cik..agk tua la jgak..bwk bnyk beg..kesian gak tgk dia..and then,aku bgn la nk bg dia dia tak nak..WTH.?haisyh..bwt malu jer..then org kat blkg aku bgn,bg dia ddk..nk plak da ddk..errr..pehal ni..kononnye yg muda kne hormat yg tua..aku dh bg dia ddk dh..dia yg xnk..ngee..gerammm..okay..maybe sbb aku ni cina,dia mlayu..yg kat blkg aku tu pun mlayu,dia x tragak2 la nk ddk..but,perlu ke mak cik tu fkir cam2.?sorry..agk sensitif isu,itu la yg aku dpt rse..daa~

Sunday, 5 June 2011

langkawi..=) wee~

hello all..i just came back from langkawi..hehe..yeah~ im having fun there with my friends..=)
the journey start with :-

31st may 2011
reach at school at around 9pm..huhu..thought we will be going at 9pm..but,actually the bus came at 10..huhu..yeah~excited to go..*actually not excited at all..ngee..dont know why i felt lazy to go..okay,im in the 1st bus,sitting with soo pin..and beside my seat was acap and ishak.haha..i wanted to sleep but i,i just watch the movie (kongsi)..that movie is funny yet quite ridiculous..haha..after almost 1 and a half hour,we reached at hentian sebelah tapah..hee~ i miss that place..=) know why.?its because i always went to that place if i went to perak for any competition when i was in mrsm..hee..=)

1st june 2011
ding dong..its 12 0'clock already..hehe..okay..still watching movie..the next movie after kongsi is aku tak bodoh..haha...that storyline is the same as a singapore movie (im not stupid 2)..yeah..same..hee..suddenly,jeng3..the bus's air cond broke down..arghhhh...shit.! at first still okay..not so hot and then,felt like sauna in!really very hot..i really salute with those people who still can sleep in that kind of condition..and we all sauna all the night..huhu..okay,relax2..and then we reach at kuala perlis at around 7am..yeay~i felt more sauna.hee..then,we went to 8 something,we boarded the ferry..hehe,,and we reached at langkawi 1 hour after that..=) we reached at kem bina negara langkawi around 1 hour after that..hehe..okay,im realy very tired because i didnt have enough sleep..haha..activities on the first day were BORING.!all ceramah only..huhu..and know what,im selected as the ajk dewan makan..haha..frankly i didnt do to wong chai shin..ahahah..

2nd june 2011's activies quite fun..we dont have to hear those ceramah already..and we have our group's activities..yeay~ im in kumpulan group members were areez,daus,ganasen,fitri(tongkak),ghrishaa,wani,theebiga,inaz,yati,sue and rantheni..hehe..all my group members are so sporting..i like it..hee~ really have a lot of fun with them..haha..forgot to tell..all of us need to take care of an egg..WTH.? group need to do a performance on 'MALAYSIAKU GEMILANG' song..sajak 1st and then we will sing..ahaha..our penyajak are : yati,ganasan,fitri and wong chai shin..damn..i dont even know how to sajak..errrr~ at night we had night walk and all of my team member really co-operate well..hehe..and we were the first group to reach there..hehe..^^

3rd june 2011
hehe..third day more to go's activities quite challenging..hee..first,we need to cook..haha..without using any voice..we cant talk at all when we were funny..and when we were cooking,the sardine fish suddenly tertumpah..haha..those facilitator shouting 'weyh,ade ikan sardin hidup lg..!'hehe..then,almost all of the facilitator came and see what happened...funny night,we had night walk..quite scary..huhu..but,still quite fun too..and then,before the penutup..we need to do what i said just now..i need to bersajak..and all of them laughed at me..WHAT THE...errr..sabar jelah..huhu..and that night we all enjoyed so much...huhu..

4th june 2011
yeay..finally can visit langkawi time..but,i dont know what to buy..i just bought some keychains and a lot of chocolate..hee..actually quite tired la..but,still having fun..we need to board on the ferry at 5.30pm..know what,accidentally we meet puan happy coz she still remember me..haha..=) bye2 langkawi..i dont even have time to take picture at the symbol of langkawi..the eagle there..huhu..sad la..then,we reached at kuala perlis at around 6.45..all of us really very exhausted..then,we stopped at hentian sebelah langkawi..tettt..i think i saw someone i know...yeah~its you safuan syukri..hehe..we didnt meet for almost 7 years and you still remember me.?good..hehe..then,suddenly sathia seelan walk in front of me..haha..then only i know both of them know each was like so coinciding..hee..btw,happy to meet both of you la..really shocked actually..heee..and finally,we reached bukit sentosa at around 2 o'clock..see,the bus was really fast..huhu..but,im grateful to reach here safely..hehe..

im really happy with ths trip..yeay~ from all the activities,friends,facilitators,teachers,pn waja to safuan and sathia..hee..all of these made me happy..^^ hope to have this kind of experience again..=) i <3 langkawi..hee~