Tuesday, 7 June 2011

friends vs love

friends or love is more important.?the love i mean here is bf/gf love..not family member's love..if like this,maybe a lot will say..

of coz friends are more important..why.?because friends will always by our side when we are sad or happy and whatever la..friends wont leave us and friends are forever..your lover may dump u because they found someone new but you friends wont..friends are loyal.. ;)

most people will say that..i didnt say everyone..but,most of them will think like what i'd wrote above there..the problem is..is that true our friends (i mean the friends who are close to us) wont dump us.?if they go any new place and found new friends,they wont forget us.?the answer is..
YES.! they will forget us..maybe on the beginning they will still contact us but, not long after that, they will disappear..they found new friends and they wont remember us dy..if we text them or call them,it is impossible for them to reply ur text and answer ur call..see.! friends are not loyal at all..maybe some of them will but MOST of them surely will forget u when they found new friends..this is same just like our bf/gf..right.?when they found someone prettier,more handsome or cuter than you..surely they will dump you..seriously,,this is real..but,what can we do..this is life and we should learn how to face this kind of situation..so,cheer up when ur friends or bf/gf treated tou this way..

i've a lot of experience on this kind of friends..oh,yes.! you all not my friends anymore rite..or actually you all didnt even assume me as your friend..thanks you for everything and stop pretending to be my friends anymore.!tq~

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