Friday, 22 July 2011

do i look like i care.??

what u did is none of my business and what i did is none of your business too.!! *take note here..just,people..dont be so busybody and appreciate what u have now.!dont just only feel envy bout other hard to get what u want..thats my very curious now..what's the meaning of true friend.?dont just keep on saying we are best friends but there's no good values in our my own opinion,friends are people who always support what we do,they wont feel envy bout us but they will feel proud of us and the most important is they wont say something bad bout us to make us feel shame..i found that most of my friends tried to bring me down..except for YOU..u helped me a lot..i can share anything with u and u will feel the same way with so glad to have a friend like u..althought we just know each other for 1++ years,i trust u so much..thank you so much.. =)
the others,sorry to say..i dont feel like u all dont care bout me..errrr..whatever...i also dont care much bout u all....

Thursday, 7 July 2011

i hope.....

im feeling very2 boring right now..really dont know what i can do..when i got a lot of stuff to do,i will feel stress..but,when there's nothing to do.....i feel boring..its true that people wont appreciate what they got..u wont appreciate it until it is gone..but,sometimes its better losing that thing than keeping that USELESS thing..for me,i think if u dont appreciate that time,u wont feel anything if u lose it..okay,finish bout that..better stop before i start to say nonsense...

what i hope here is actually.....

1)i hope i can be more hardworking
2)i hope i can get much more better marks for my examniations..
3)i hope i can study in class without feeling sleepy @@
4)i hope 'he' is really good to me.. ;)
5)i hope everything in my life can go smoothly..
6)i hope my family and friends will always stay healthy..
7)i hope those people that i treated as good friends will also assume me as their good friend

what else i hope.???a lot..infinity..heee..i really hope all the things i stated above will come true..but,in fact number (7) wont happened.!!i felt i dont have true friends..when they went to anothar place,they will surely forget me..some people even pretend they are good to me..just please dont do any drama in front of me..i hate it ! so pathetic... :(

Sunday, 3 July 2011

its sport time..weee~

yesterday,i did a lot of sports activities..huhu..lets see..

morning-i went to school because got 'larian 1 malaysia 1 pelajar 1 sukan'..okay..based on its name,its so obvious i need to run..hehe..for almost 3 years i didnt run long distance..omg.!really killing me..damn tired la..haih..its my own fault also la..who ask me to be so lazy..ngeee..after that larian,i entered congkak competiton..but,i lost it..=.=" kalah tipis..but, nevermind la..its okay.. ;) after that,i just watched them play funny.. =D

evening-i went to find my sister after that activities at school..and then,my bro and sis went to gym..and guess what,i joined so exhausted but i still join them..errr..gatal..hehe..know what,i just did some exercise using legs legs were so tired after that..huhu.. :(

night-hahaha..this one funny..i went to swim with my bro and sis..i thought just playing water..but,my bro forced me to learn swimming..haha..and for sure i just laughed and laughed when they taught me swim..hahahaha..and at the end of the class,i learned to sis said that is the basic of swimming..haha..actually at first im scared bu after few minutes,i can suit myself..thank u sis and bro..hehe.. <3 <3

and now im having minor muscle muscle pain cream missing already..where is it.???i need you...