Sunday, 12 June 2011

think out of the box

hehe..still remember that day..but i dont remember the date..haha..okay..all i remember that day was wednesday..and i had to give a talk because i am a prs (2 minutes with prs)..hee..and i choose this topic..'think out of the box'..actually its aqma's suggestion..and i think her suggestion was quite good and i started to find info about this topic..and suddenly i found an article..quite,i decided to talk bout it..before that,let me define what's meant by think out of the box..think out of the box is like think differently, unconventionally or from a new perspective..think out of the box also known as creative about the article i've read..its a story actually..which it is used as an interview,take note..maybe this question will be asked again..who knows..hee..

okay..the story started day,its raining heavily..a guy is in his car..only 2 seats car..suddenly when he passed by a bus stop, he saw 3 people, which are :-

1)one uncle which helped him before

2)one auntie which is sick and need to be sent to hospital..

3)his dream girl....

he should offer his car to who.?all of them are waiting for bus and its raining heavily..


there is one person who attend the interview answer creatively..that person said, the guy shold give his car's key to that uncle so that the uncle can bring that auntie to hospital and that guy would wait at the bus stop so that he can spend his time with his dream girl.. =) sweet.. ;) and the answer was so creative too..this is meant by think out of the box..learn from that person who answer it creatively,k..hehe..i love this article so much..i wish my brain can be so creative too..hee..^^

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