Thursday, 23 June 2011


Sleeping is a natural process that occurs at specific intervals and it is the best way to rest our body. But it is important to consider facts like where to sleep, how long to sleep and when to sleep...

Some people have the habit of sleeping after taking food or while driving or even while reading. The reason for all these may depend on the kind of food we have, the environment and our health.

* The reason for this may be
* The posture we adopt while Reading.
* Reading at an improper time
* The kind of book we read

Scientific Reason
Most of the people have a relaxed pose while reading which prevents physical activation. This results in the stagnation of lactic acid in the cells which is an incomplete combustion product.

The lactic acid is a high oxygen absorbing chemical, which quickly reacts with oxygenated blood to reduce the flow of blood to the brain.

Due to the lack of oxygenated blood, the brain gets tired and therefore we feel sleepy while reading.

Tips to avoid sleeping while reading:

* Try to sit straight and in the right posture while reading.
* Avoid reading in the lying position as that would trigger the brain to perform two tasks - sleep as well as stay awake and read.
* Avoid reading continuously at a single stretch since reading text for a long time has a hypnotic effect (semi-consciousness ) on the mind.
* Change your position frequently while reading that will increase your concentration.
* Take some physical activity at short intervals while reading.
* Read aloud for some time.
* Reading at the proper time is very important.
* Read some interesting topics when feeling sleepy.
* Jump, drink some coffee, if possible take a cold shower as these will energize your brain.

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