Thursday, 7 July 2011

i hope.....

im feeling very2 boring right now..really dont know what i can do..when i got a lot of stuff to do,i will feel stress..but,when there's nothing to do.....i feel boring..its true that people wont appreciate what they got..u wont appreciate it until it is gone..but,sometimes its better losing that thing than keeping that USELESS thing..for me,i think if u dont appreciate that time,u wont feel anything if u lose it..okay,finish bout that..better stop before i start to say nonsense...

what i hope here is actually.....

1)i hope i can be more hardworking
2)i hope i can get much more better marks for my examniations..
3)i hope i can study in class without feeling sleepy @@
4)i hope 'he' is really good to me.. ;)
5)i hope everything in my life can go smoothly..
6)i hope my family and friends will always stay healthy..
7)i hope those people that i treated as good friends will also assume me as their good friend

what else i hope.???a lot..infinity..heee..i really hope all the things i stated above will come true..but,in fact number (7) wont happened.!!i felt i dont have true friends..when they went to anothar place,they will surely forget me..some people even pretend they are good to me..just please dont do any drama in front of me..i hate it ! so pathetic... :(

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