Friday, 22 July 2011

do i look like i care.??

what u did is none of my business and what i did is none of your business too.!! *take note here..just,people..dont be so busybody and appreciate what u have now.!dont just only feel envy bout other hard to get what u want..thats my very curious now..what's the meaning of true friend.?dont just keep on saying we are best friends but there's no good values in our my own opinion,friends are people who always support what we do,they wont feel envy bout us but they will feel proud of us and the most important is they wont say something bad bout us to make us feel shame..i found that most of my friends tried to bring me down..except for YOU..u helped me a lot..i can share anything with u and u will feel the same way with so glad to have a friend like u..althought we just know each other for 1++ years,i trust u so much..thank you so much.. =)
the others,sorry to say..i dont feel like u all dont care bout me..errrr..whatever...i also dont care much bout u all....

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