Saturday, 14 May 2011

a year ago..

just flashing back what happened to me a year ago..
that time,i was waiting for offer to further my studies
too..first,i didnt get matriks and then upu,,just the
same..hmm..really sad..T__T i dont know how to
describe my feeling..all my friends got offer to study
in matriks or uitm and also the other ipta..that time
i was so jealous and i really dont know where i should
further my studies..huhu..all i know is i dont want to
continue in form 6..but,after all..i still need to go to
form 6..huhu..luckily i can manage my studies here
in form 6..and all of my friends are,i did
not regret entering form 6..huhu..i might regret if i
didnt enter form 6..hee..but still im envy with my friends
who had finished studying in matriks..huhu..all the best
to all my friends..hope u all success in your life..=)

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