Monday, 16 May 2011

teachers day celebration..

first of all,i want to wish all my teachers from sk bukit beruntung,
smk bukit sentosa,mrsm serting and smk sungai choh HAPPY
TEACHERS u all so much..hee..thank you for teaching
me and please forgive me for all my mistakes..pray for my success
too..although im not a very outstanding student,but i will try my
best to do well in my examinations..=) this year's celebration at
semesco was fun..teachers were so it..the
performance were fun i was like didnt do anything..
just lepak2 with aqma and alin..bcoz i've done my,just
dont jealous because im so free,k..before today,i was busy doing
my things too..just u all didnt see it..dont doubt with what i've
done,k..thank you..^^

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