Wednesday, 18 May 2011

i know your feeling..

this post is specially dedicated to my
beloved junior tan chin sad to
hear that u did not get any offer to
further your study..i know u feel very
sad and must think that
this world is so unfair,rite.?last year, i
felt the same way like you too..why
the other people can get but i did not
even get any offer..i keep on asking why..
and why and why..i've been sad for a
couple of are better than me..
i dont even want to enter form 6..and
finally i had to enter form 6 after my
mum forced me..the first day at form 6
like very suffering..and after few days
there i felt fun and i felt that i will regret
if i did not listen to my mom's advice..
tan,i know u can do well in form 6 because
you are a clever can get excellent
result during spm..why not in stpm.?my
advice is study hard to prove to all those are better than anyone else..
your future is better with stpm..thats why
god want u to enter form me..
form 6 is better than anything else..good
luck..gambate..dont be so sad,k..i will
always pray for your success...^^

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